Why listen to families?
When educators engage with families/caregivers and listen respectfully to their concerns and aspirations for their children, families get involved, and student achievement increases. 

What are families saying about their children’s education?
Our 2022 survey of 539 California parents offers important insights for educators
[REPORT POSTED SOON]. Below are key results from the survey:

    • Mental health 
      • 39% and 38% of families reported not having access to mental health support and Social-Emotional Support
    • Attendance
      • 58% of families reported that their student’s experienced quarantining this academic year
      • 16% of families that reported their students had experienced quarantining, reported that their students did not have access to learning opportunities.
    • Engagement in learning
      • 49% of families reported that they were either Moderately or Extremely concerned about their student’s academic learning.
      • 78% of families reported that a Tutoring resource was either a High Priority or Essential.
      • 78% of families reported that a Tutoring resource was either a High Priority or Essential.
    • Communication
      • 49% of families reported not owning technology that does not belong to the school.
      • 23% of families reported not having email.
      • 15% of families reported their student’s school did not communicate or slightly communicate with them.
      • 12% of families reported they were either not at all comfortable with or slightly comfortable with inquiring about their student’s academics with school staff (Teacher, Principal, Counselors).
      • 67% of families reported that either much more information is needed, or the information is necessary to know regarding academic supports available at school to strengthen their student’s learning opportunities.

Tools for listening to families.

Many educators want to engage with families but don’t always have the know-how. Here are some helpful tools to help educators brush up on communications skills, ask good questions and forge positive relationships with families: