Words You Need to Know

Accelerated Learning

Accelerated learning is

  • moving forward into grade-level content, with support
  • prioritizing high-level skills and content and creating teaching and learning pathways
  • determining the most efficient and effective way to help students experience grade-level learning based on where they are today

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Learning Loss

Learning loss refers to “any specific or general loss of knowledge and skills or to reversals in academic progress, most commonly due to extended gaps or discontinuities in a student’s education”.

Independent Studies

This choice is not the same as the distance learning we came to know at the start of the pandemic. This version of remote studies has different requirements for enrollment, data collection and reporting. It is important to stay informed about your rights and responsibilities as a parent and ensure that your child gets the support they need to be successful.


This combines some classroom teaching, such as person-to-person, with distance learning. It can also refer to a group of various aged students learning together. It is important to ask your teacher or school for their interpretation when using this term.


WiFi is the technology that allows a computer, mobile phone, or tablet to connect to the internet without needing a physical, wired connection.


A URL is simply the address or link to a specific website or online resource. It allows you to view the website in a browser (i.e. Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.). When you are sent a URL in a text or email, you can click on the link to go directly to the webpage.


A hotspot is a device or a location that allows you to connect to the internet using Wifi. If you don’t have internet access at home, you can find free hotspots in libraries or coffee shops. Schools are also lending hotspot devices to families to help children keep learning.


A budget-friendly laptop that runs on Google’s Chrome, which means Windows and Mac programs will not work on these devices.


A mobile phone that functions similar to a computer, by providing internet access, and the ability to download applications.


The capacity for connecting to various platforms, systems and applications using the internet.

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