Educators know the power of a team approach when used in many areas, from grade-level teams on the instructional side to COST teams on the student support side. Clearly, one person cannot engage all the students and families that have postponed the start of formal schooling, opted out of virtual classes or missed weeks of school during the pandemic. But together, we can! (ꜟsi, se puede!)


Why take a team approach? 

With tens of thousands of students having missed school during the pandemic, schools need to craft a thoughtful engagement strategy. 

A team approach ensures schools have access to the insights and resources needed to design and implement meaningful pathways for engagement and attendance. An effective team requires Do you have people from diverse perspectives,  the right people such as early childhood educators, teachers, administrators, family liaisons, counselors, social workers and, community-based organizations. etc on your team? Solutions can be more effective when they include  Are you listening to the perspectives of students.